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NYU Tandon Motorsports 2020 - 2021

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Welcome to NYU Tandon Motorsports!


We are the Baja SAE competition team at New York University! Each year we design, manufacture and race a single-seat off-road vehicle using a standard ten-horsepower engine, a 150-page rule book and not much else. Over the past six years, we've grown from being a team of fewer than 15 people to becoming one of the largest collegiate design teams at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering, boasting more than 70 members this season.

This past season, our dynamic events were canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For our online static events, however, we placed 9th for the Design presentation, 29th for the Sales Presentation and finished 24th overall; our best result so far! This coming year, we plan to design and manufacture our first ever 4WD car!


             2018-19 season's car at the Baja SAE Rochester competition in June 2019

At our first competition nearly five years ago, our design didn’t pass technical inspection; as a result, we couldn’t race. We vowed to step up our game. The following year we formed separate design subteams to handle each technical aspect of the car's design. Currently, we have seven design subteams focusing on all aspects of the vehicle. We've also recently formed Media and Business subteams contained within our Operations team to handle the administrative aspects of running a Baja team. Our current Operations team handles tasks such as maintaining our social media presence, communicating with our faculty and sponsors and managing our team's finances. We also have a dedicated Manufacturing team that works with our designers to ensure our car is fabricated as efficiently as possible.


             Our inaugural season's car at the Baja SAE California competition in 2017

This year, we'll be focusing on designing a 4WD drivetrain that makes use of innovative materials such as carbon fiber in order to reduce weight and make the most of the ten-horsepower that we have to work with. Mandatory 4WD is something that is brand new to the Baja SAE competition (Baja SAE has been rear-wheel-drive for more than 40 years) and will require major redesigns of all of our subsystems. But right now, our most pressing task is to raise $7,500 to cover not only the cost of parts and tools but also the sizable expenses associated with competing at a race halfway across the country.

Here's a quick breakdown of our budget allocations:



We appreciate anything you can contribute to our team. And if you're able to sponsor us with equipment or professional expertise, we would love to have you on board! Feel free to email us at for any questions or if you'd like any additional information.

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NYU Tandon Motorsports

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