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NYU Aerospace

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NYU Aerospace


NYU Tandon Aero Team

SAE Aero is an international competition with 75 teams from around the world competing to design the best remote-control propeller airplane. SAE Aero challenges students to apply the knowledge that they have acquired in the class towards manufacturing an airplane. Students will have a chance to work on a large scale project requiring them to use all the knowledge that was attained in the class and incorporate it into the researching, designing, planning, creating, and testing.

The SAE Aero design series is comprised of 3 distinct classes, Regular, Micro, and Advanced. This year, we chose to undertake the most difficult challenge as part of the Advanced class, where no NYU team has ever participated. We hope to blaze a path for future NYU Aero teams and begin a tradition of excellence right here in Brooklyn.

The Advanced challenge requires students to design an aircraft that will be able to safely deliver colonists, supplies, and habitats to Mars. Our Martian surface will be the testing grounds at Van Nuys, California. The inhabitants of the plane will be in the form of table tennis balls, the supplies are in the form of water bottles and the habits in the form of ‘Nerf Vortex Howlers’. The glider we make will be able to carry its passengers autonomously to its target, and sensors inside will be able to tell us how much impact force the riders experience upon landing.

This project is a great chance for students as they gain experience in meeting deadlines, working as a team, become better at contingency management and hone the ability to work in a team. By funding this goal you will be helping us get state of the art equipment and materials to build our plane. Each donation helps us place one step higher on the leaderboard, so please help NYU Aero!


The Team: 

Parth Bhagat

Barjas Al-Hadid 

Quinn Tryzno

Muaaz Nasir 

Alec Horvath

Daniel Alarcon

Sang Kim 

Shawn Kshatriya 

Mohamed Elgohary 


Companies helping us: 


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NYU Aerospace

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Laser cut keychain of our airfoil with engraved logo

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Estimated Delivery: March 2019


P-51 Mustang

Signature on our plane

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F-35 Lightning II

Personalized 3D model of our plane and a Social Media Shoutout

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Small size company logo on our plane

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F-117A Nighthawk

Large size company logo on our plane

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SR-71 Blackbird

Company advertisement on plane, in presentation, and on social media

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Estimated Delivery: March 2019
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