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Latin America News Dispatch (LAND)

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Support Journalism About Latin America ¡Por el periodismo!

LAND, the Latin America News Dispatch, seeks funding to pay our journalists — the NYU students, alumni and freelancers from throughout Latin America and the Caribbean — who make this publication possible. Paying our journalists is a standard we have committed to uphold. Even with the essential support we receive from NYU Journalism and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, we need your help to sustain this student-led, go-to Latinx news source in English for the journalists, diplomats, academics, activists, analysts and all the interested readers, users and listeners we serve.


We have the funds to get LAND through the semester. Our goal is to raise $20,000, which will cover the 2021 fall semester. Exceeding this figure will enable us to bank some funds so that we can publish more enterprise reporting and help cover 2022 and beyond. 



Since LAND's inception in 2009, it has distinguished itself as one of the only consistent, concise regular English-language sources of news and insights about Latin America, the Caribbean and Latinx issues in the United States. 


As the world grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, LAND brings news and updates about the virus' impact on the region in its weekly newsletter. On, LAND publishes stories from journalists throughout Latin America, including recent stories about resistance to a hydro-electric dam in Colombia, how the Colombian flower industry has fared during the coronavirus pandemic and the complicated feelings of Venezuelan-Americans in Florida about the inauguration of President Biden


If you haven't already, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and subscribe to LAND's free newsletter This Week in Latin America (sign up here). 




We are expanding! Our newsletter's subscriber list has grown 17 percent in the last year. It maintains an open rate of over 30 percent, which is about twice the industry average. Writers with expertise from the NYU community and well beyond produce the reportage, analyses and photo essays we feature on the main LAND site. 


We've been able to broaden our reach well beyond our own via Futuro Media/NPR's Latino USA and Futuro's Latino Rebelswhich carry our newsletter and much of our enterprise reporting.


We are seeking funding to restore our newsletter, Today in Latin America, which budget cuts have forced us to scale back our newsletter from five days a week to one. 


The newsletter is the project’s most vibrant, heavily trafficked feature, normally involving a LAND team of up to 20 undergraduate and graduate students and freelancers who rotate through the schedule at the university-mandated rates of $15-$20 per hour. It's our primary expense at about $900 per week. Our journalists comb the news from the regions in Spanish, Portuguese and English every weekday night. They make the editorial decisions, translate and write concise, informative summaries, and our editors distribute it every weekday morning. An added benefit: because LAND is university-based, it’s one of the few legally permissible opportunities for those from abroad on student visas to be able to receive payment for professional-quality journalistic work. 


In recent years, through support from a single donor’s start-up gift, we’ve been able to cover the services we’ve needed, afford major beyond-budget enterprise projects and underwrite the newsletter. 


LAND is a vital resource for its readers as well as its young journalists. We believe this work matters and should be compensated. Please consider supporting the project so it can continue.

We have great back-end tech support, workspace, equipment and help paying freelancers from the NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute and from the Journalism master's degree program known as GloJo, for Global and Joint Program Studies, from which much of the LAND leadership comes. One of GloJo’s eight partner programs in the NYU Faculty of Arts and Science, the NYU Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, or CLACSgenerously covers the cost of our editor-in-chief for the fall and spring semesters. 


But the work requires many more hands. Thanks for your support!!

From left: 
Andrea Acosta, staff writer; 
Liza Schmidt, staff writer; 
and Simon Schatzberg, editor.


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