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Texts & Tech Campaign

Participation Drive
Support affordability efforts!

You can provide access to essential textbooks and technology

The affordability of an NYU education is one of our top priorities and over the past several years, the University has adopted multiple approaches, like increasing financial aid, to make the NYU experience more affordable to students.

The Texts and Tech campaign was created specifically in line with our commitment to affordability, providing students with grants to alleviate the cost of textbooks and technology for courses across the University. 

When you support the Texts and Tech campaign, you make a tangible difference in the lives of NYU students. 

Gifts of any size can help:

  • $25 can supply a student with a power and USB cable
  • $50 contributes to the cost of one textbook
  • $75 covers the cost of a laptop charger
  • $100 provides a student with an external hard drive
  • $250 subsidizes the cost of a new laptop
  • $500 equals 10 textbooks in students' hands

With access to these critical resources, students won’t need to worry about limitations on their ability to achieve. Make a gift to the NYU Texts and Tech campaign and help us take another step towards affordability for today’s NYU students!

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