Support student scholarships

Support student scholarships

Annual scholarship funds are one of NYU's most urgent and ongoing needs.

Annual scholarships are put to immediate use in the next academic year and provide access to the NYU experience for qualified students who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend. 


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"Thank you so much for this opportunity!! Some might think a scholarship just helps one get to the opportunity but, to me, a scholarship represents the opportunity itself. I wouldn't be able to go to NYU without scholarships so I am very grateful to be here." - Caleb M. (CAS)

"I would like to express my deep gratitude for your generosity in funding the 1831 Scholarship Fund. With your support, I will now be able to continue all of my activities and passions with more ease as my year's coursework increases. This scholarship has provided me tremendous motivation and aid. Thank you again for making this award possible; your generosity truly means the world to me." - Sonia G. (STERN)

"I am a first-generation college student from an underrepresented community so I have always valued education. Accomplishing my educational goal would not be possible without the generous support of scholarships. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity." - Shabelly E. (MEYERS)

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