Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity & Strategic Innovation

Support NYU's commitment to global inclusion, diversity, belonging, equity, and access

OGI's Fundraising Priority Areas

The Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation (OGI) provides expert consultation, resources, and innovative strategies to help guide the University—and its uniquely global and diverse student, faculty, staff, administrator, and alumni communities—toward a more inclusive future. Your donations will support specific university efforts that span NYU’s global network and will help us to advance a university-wide culture of global inclusion, diversity, belonging, equity, and access (GIDBEA). 

Leadership & Research Opportunities for Students Across Cultural and Global Perspectives

Your contributions will support the Center for Multicultural Education and Programs (CMEP)’s expansion of leadership, mentorship, and research programs and opportunities for students across cultural and global perspectives. 

Leadership & Research Opportunities Supporting the Advancement of LGBTQ+ Students

Your contributions will support the LGBTQ+ Center's expansion of student leadership programs, research opportunities, and emergency funds that cultivate and promote ongoing student success within LGBTQ+ communities. 

NYU Women Lead

This university-wide global leadership accelerator celebrates and amplifies the ongoing leadership, legacies, and future impact of trailblazers across a myriad of disciplines and fields. Your contributions will support the development of leadership programs and research focused on intersectional gender equity at NYU. 

Disability Inclusive Culture

Disability inclusive culture is an expanding area, and OGI continues its work to foster inclusive and equitable academic experiences across NYU’s global network. Strategic foci include, but are not limited to faculty development, neurodiversity, data collection, and culture change. Your contributions will support the development and expansion of toolkits, technologies, and educational programs focused on disability inclusion.

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