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Next big event: AIMS 2024 NYC Conference

AIMS 2024 NYC Conference

The “AI meets Science” (AIMS) conference will take place on April 26th, 2024 at a venue near Union Square and will create a space for the broad NYC metro area to talk, brainstorm, and discover. 

True to our mission, we at AIfSR want more AI-focused practitioners to bring their attention to scientific problems in three sections “AI meets Physical Sciences”, “AI meets Life Sciences”, and “AI meets Humanities and Social Sciences” with speakers and poster sessions, as well as a Roundtable "Enabling AI Adoption in Research". 

More information: AIMS - NYC 2024

Sponsorship Opportunities at AIMS Conference

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AI for Scientific Research (AIfSR) is a premier R&D organization based at NYU that provides AI/ML consulting services to scientists both within and outside of NYU. We focus on exploring and developing novel ways of applying AI in natural sciences and developing customized Data Science solutions for research needs. AIfSR has been in operation since January 2021 and has developed multiple solutions for various fields of science.

We organize and host various events that help a wider audience to learn about AI potential in science. In addition, we offer assistance in brainstorming and clear paths for adopting AI into Scientific Workflow: read at How To AI.

Our organizational structure is built around the professional growth of members with the use of an original methodology.

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