Support NYU Physical Therapy Students and Department

Support NYU Physical Therapy Students and Department

Your gifts to NYU PT empower us to provide scholarships and additional support to our students within an exceptional learning environment. 

Read our student testimonials to see the impact of your contributions!

  • Receiving the Robert S. Salant PT Scholarship has been the highlight of my year, enabling me to pursue my dream of attending NYU's Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Financial considerations heavily influenced my choice of school, and this scholarship has relieved the burden, allowing me to attend NYU, my top pick. Grateful for the opportunity, I'm eager for the journey ahead. Thanks for helping turn this dream into reality!
    - Sarah M.

  • Receiving the Salant Physical Therapy PT Scholarship has relieved a significant financial burden for me. When I received my acceptance from NYU, I was overjoyed, but I also had concerns about how I would manage to cover tuition and living expenses. Thanks to the scholarship, I not only got to attend NYU, but I've also been able to concentrate on my studies without having to work long hours to pay for school.
    - Cara-Michelle N.

  • Coming from a low-income background, I've encountered financial challenges throughout my academic journey. I never had the privilege of receiving financial assistance, and I had to work during my undergraduate years, leaving me with little time for socializing or school activities. Initially, I planned to continue this during graduate studies, but it became clear that it would hinder my education. Receiving this grant has eased my financial burden, allowing me to focus on my studies, maintain a healthy balance between my student and personal life, and have more time for self-care and social activities.
    - Katherine R.
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